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Journal paper
Entry Year2005
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Forkhead Box M1 Regulates the Transcriptional Network of Genes Essential for Mitotic Progression and Genes Encoding the SCF (Skp2-Cks1) Ubiquitin Ligase.
Name of journalMol Cell Biol.
Date of publication2005-12-00
number of chapters25
Issue No.24
Name of author (Chinese)I-Ching Wang
Name of author (English)I-Ching Wang
AuthorsWang IC, Chen YJ, Hughes DE, Petrovic V, Major ML, Park HJ, Tan Y, Ackerson T, and Costa RH.
Author's typeFirst Author
Reference URLhttp://mcb.asm.org/content/25/24/10875.long
Language usedEnglish
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